Culvert Set Policy

Effective May 1st, 2021

Montgomery County Precinct 1 will set culverts for non-business property owners only.  If you are installing a culvert for a rental home, or for a home you are building to sell, you will be considered to be a homebuilder.

For Homebuilders: You must install your own culvert and have the Precinct inspect it before you cover it up. If      you do not have engineered plans, you will need to contact the Precinct office to determine the required pipe size before beginning work.

For Property Owners:  Property owners are limited to no more than 4 culvert installations per year.  To have a culvert installed at your property, contact the Commissioner Precinct 1 Office at 936-539-7815 to request service.  Prior to calling, you will need to mark the location where you want the culvert to go, marking both sides of the drive using stakes, flags or marking paint.  It is okay to mark with paint along the edge of the street.  The driveway location must be on a county maintained road.  We will need your name, street address, telephone number, and type and length of culvert to be installed in order to issue a service request for the culvert install.  If you do not have an address yet, call the Montgomery County Emergency Communication District at 936-523- 5911 and they will assign an address to your property. They will need to know the street name in front of your property and the legal description (subdivision, block, lot number).

An employee from the Precinct 1 office will visit the site to determine the required pipe size and backfill material needed for your culvert.  We will contact you with the required pipe size for you to purchase.  The maximum pipe length that we will install is 30’.  All culverts longer than 30’ must be installed by a contractor or property owner.  Once the culvert is installed, Precinct 1 office will not install any extensions.

Once you have purchased the pipe and it is on the property, contact the Commissioner Precinct 1 office again, and a work order will be processed for a crew to go back out to set and cover the pipe.  We will schedule the work and install the pipe as quickly as we can, weather permitting.  Maintenance and free flow of the culvert is the responsibility of the property owner.

The County will not install damaged or deteriorated pipe. Culverts may be concrete, corrugated metal, heavy wall steel, or corrugated plastic.  If you choose to use a concrete culvert, be sure to let the Precinct know, so we can bring the appropriate backfill material.

If you install the pipe yourself, the County will specify the size of pipe and will inspect the installation prior to backfilling.  You must call the Precinct 1 Office the day before to schedule the inspection.  Pipe that has been installed incorrectly without an inspection is subject to removal by the County.  Montgomery County requires that clean-outs (surface grates) be installed with any pipe that runs over 40’.  Clean-outs must be installed every 40’. 

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